• Vodafone xone,
    delivering the promise.

  • A customer obsessed bunch.

    Vodafone xone is the global innovation centre for Vodafone Group generating disruptive solutions through a mixture of partnerships, incubation and strategic investments in startups from around the world. Our mission is to accelerate the delivery of new products and services to Vodafone customers supporting their needs today and in the future.  It's about our customers, all of the time.

  • We are here to push.

    The limits of technology, that is.

  • Smart inventors test. Great inventors test, smart.

    We've got just the lab to do it in.

  • Our big network, your wild imagination. Let's talk about how we can work together.

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation

    Vodafone Americas Foundation is part of Vodafone’s global family of foundations. With a significant presence in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States, Vodafone Americas Foundation supports organizations that utilize technology to improve people’s lives, help stimulate innovation, and advance the global development sector.

  • Keeping it simple.
    Find it. Build it. Launch it.

    We’re obsessed with pushing the limits of technology for our customers.

    • Automotive

      By investing in innovative solutions that provide value-adding services, the Vodafone xone automotive platform offers a unique environment to provide touch points to customers when they are on the move to bring a new level of driving experience.

    • Machine-To-Machine

      Vodafone xone M2M focuses on technologies which can add value to the Vodafone ecosystem to link a myriad of sensors with user applications to provide new functionalities, capabilities and user experience.

    • mHealth

      Through our incubation services and partnerships we are enabling the support of product development, trial and testing to implement more comprehensive heathcare services that are transforming how health providers engage with their patients.

    • mCommerce

      Vodafone xone adds precision and relevance by simplifying shopping experiences to allow for enhanced consumer engagment.

    • Consumer Electronics and Home Services

      Vodafone xone is focused on developing a consumer electronic services platform to create a one-stop gateway solution for consumer electronics companies to connect their devices and software for value-added services.

    • Data Analytics

      Taking into consideration personalisation, recommendations, analytics, knowledge generation, predictions, configurations, diagnostics, text classifications and image and voice recognition Vodafone xone helps you understand your customers.

  • Our Lab? It's Righteous.

    Lab: 1,500 ft2 (140 m2) of lab space

    RadioTechnologies: GSM/GPRS 900, WCDMA/HSPA+ 2100, LTE 800/2600, Client / Clientless Wi-Fi offload, Full standard interfaces exposure, RF screen-room

    Network and Services: All IP Network, Inter-technology roaming and handover testing, IP Multimedia Subsystem, Service aware policy control, Vodafone network APIs (Mondrian/GiG/LiG)

    Application Platform: Vodafone GDSP overlay network, Test SIM card provisioning, Conformance testing (coming), 24 core SGI computing platform, Protected, secure environment with solid-state storage

  • Capital, for capital Ideas.

    Vodafone Ventures is the venture capital arm governed by the Vodafone Board. We evaluate each investment opportunity based on the strategic match to Vodafone’s commercial needs and priorities.  Our investments, led by Vodafone Ventures or made in conjunction with top-tier VC firms, focus on the following areas: Consumer, Enterprise, Infrastructure and Devices.

    • mHealth

      • FarCare
    • mCommerce

      • Naratte
      • It'sOn
      • Embee
      • AdMaxim
    • Network

      • Vasona Networks
      • SpiderCloud
    • Data Analytics

      • Argyle Data
      • Objectivity
      • INETCO
      • Expertmaker
    • Consumer Electronics and Home Services

      • mimik
    • Service Platform

      • Flybits
      • HUMIN
      • Quixey
      • Apigee
      • Agora Mobile
  • Take a look under the hood at some of our innovative products.

    Vodafone xone is working incredibly hard to bring you excellent products. Please take a look at what is currently being offered and some anticipated launched.